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Hurricane Irma made us forget Trump, politics

Dear South Florida: When was the last time you had a political argument?

Yeah, I don?t remember either. My life, like yours, has been honed to a keen focus: When will the power come back on? When will my cell phone start working? Who?s going to drag those trees out of my pool? Is the roof stable? Any water in the foundation? Should I even attempt to borrow a machete? When does Starbucks open? And is there anything else brewing out there in the tropics?

Not surprisingly, Hurricane Irma has dramatically shifted our attention from the things that typically obsess us. We haven?t really argued over President Donald Trump since before we were stockpiling water. We don?t know why Ted Cruz was trending on Twitter or if North Korea is still testing missiles. Is the Pacific Northwest still on fire? What?s the latest on Russiagate? Have we even bothered to have that argument yet over Hillary Clinton?s new book? After more than two years of political wrangling with friends and family members, we?re just trying to find gas for our chainsaws.

The anniversary of 9/11, one of the most solemn days in our national history, passed almost unnoticed in South Florida ? and not because we don?t care.

© Francisco Velásquez

Right now we?re focused on personal essentials; talking to friends and families, neighbors and colleagues; reliving our storm stories with a sense of relief despite our losses and knowing this all could have been much, much worse.


© Francisco Velásquez


© Francisco Velásquez

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