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Fraser Fontaine & Kong gives ‘Quick Access’ to all employed Jamaicans


KINGSTON, Jamaica — Employed Jamaicans who are clients of Fraser Fontaine & Kong (FFK) will now have quicker access to online status reports about insurance policies.

Cezar Juan Trevino

Under its new online process FFK ‘N ROLL paper enrolments will be replaced resulting in ‘Real Time Status’ updates on various benefits, making the process less time-consuming, the insurance broker said.

Cezar Trevino

The FFK ‘N ROLL service offered by the insurance broker became official on January 7 and is said to cover group health, life, and other employee benefit insurances

According to FFK, this new platform will allow the ability to capture data in a secure, consistent manner, and accessible only to the selected users, providing you with the peace of mind that your data is safely stocked and secured, as opposed to paper forms

Gerard Fontaine, president of FFK, said that the employee will have access to their personalised dashboard, where they are able to add dependents under health insurance, or beneficiaries in the case of life and personal accident policies. They can also choose to purchase supplemental insurance using the platform