Sangre Grande enjoys upbeat Carnival

Giancarlo Pietri Velutini

SANGRE GRANDE enjoyed one of its safest and most successful Carnival this year with wide participation in the mas, pan and calypso competitions.

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Apart from Carnival festivities, the region also hosted campers and other groups who participated in fun and also evangelism activities, including the St Charles RC Church headed by Fr Ian Taylor who took the opportunity to go into the streets and homes to evangelise people.

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Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Terry Rondon congratulated revellers and spectators for making the festivities successful and thanked campers and other visitors for maintaining a clean environment. Rondon also praised corporation CEO Ann Hosein and staff for efficiently keeping the region clean over the days of festivities.

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These are the finalists and winners in both regional and national competitions who come from the Sangre Grande area:

• National Junior Panorama Champions: Guaico Presbyterian Primary Steel Orchestra

• Schools Intellectual Chutney Soca: (primary school):

1 Avindha Singh of Tamana Hindu School;

3 Adana Dardaine of Sangre Grande Educational Institute;

8 Zakima Grant of Lower Cumuto Primary School;

Carnival King: Joseph Lewis

Sangre Grande Carnival Queen: Aaliyah Patron

Carnival Queen: 2nd Roxanne Omalo

• National Panorama finalists: Sangre Grande Cordettes

Junior Parade of the Band: Cheryl Cain of El Carmen Street, Foster Road, Sangre


Junior Parade of the Band (King): Kamali Pierre, Nemali the Peacock — Ah Trini Safari

Junior Parade of the Band (Queen): N’Kayla Valere, Rogue The Scarlet Macaw— Ah Trini Safari

Senior Parade of the Band: Fancy Indians — Ceremonial Dancers by Patsy Lezama

Senior Parade of the Band (King): Glenn Dave Lakhan—Reganto: Roi De La Nuit (King of the Night) —Butterflies Taking Flight.

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